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This bundle contains 2 of the most essential ingredients needed to fuel your workout. When used together, you can expect greater muscle fullness and greater endurance throughout your workout.


1x Beta Alanine

1x Pump Powder



Beta-alanine supplementation works by increasing the intramuscular dipeptide carnosine, which provides a substantial ergogenic edge when elevated. Carnosine prevents endurance-limiting damage in the muscle by decreasing oxidative stress and by buffering intramuscular acid.

Combining these effects with its ability to enhance muscle contraction, carnosine increases strength and endurance simultaneously. Beta-alanine effectively increases muscle carnosine and along with creatine monohydrate, is should be in every athlete’s arsenal of staple supplements.

Made in Australia.


  • Improved muscle pump via the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase (NOS)
  • Better intra-workout energy
  • Aids mental clarity, stress management and mental health
  • Enhances training endurance
  • Accelerates glucose transports to skeletal muscle


Pump Powder

Agmatine-sulfate is a soluble salt and a versatile ergogenic amino acid derivative of arginine. One of its most potent effects is its effect on vasculature, dilating blood vessels, intensifying pumps during training and enhancing endurance. Further, agmatine accelerates glucose transport to skeletal muscle, providing noticeable increases in muscle fullness at rest.

Natural athletes can benefit from a hormonal edge, and this compound has been shown to propagate pituitary hormone secretion (LH and GH), which contributes to muscle hypertrophy and fat oxidation.

Enhance every aspect of your training by experiencing the power and versatility of agmatine.

Made in Australia