APTech Films

A visceral, powerful, cinematic experience featuring some of the most recognizable names in the fitness world like you've never seen them before.


Mad Desire

Featuring Calum Von Moger
The golden era of bodybuilding may be over but the Mad Desire never died.

Train Like Hell
Featuring: Stacey McMahon, Mark "Meataxe" Taylor, Rach White, Chris Jenkins, Paapa Kweku, Jay Jay Mitchell, Eddy Ung, Nathan Roe, Natika Leanne, Renae Thomas, Tammy Sarkozy, Francesca Carmella, PJ Lee & Marko.
As a parody of 1950's infomercials that advertise worthless hype, this video advertises something that actually works for once: HARD WORK. Otherwise known as TRAIN LIKE HELL™
For all you people watching this who refuse to be deluded by gimmicks and fads that promise impossible results. This is for you.

The Shredded Paramedic
Featuring Tamika Webber
Shredded paramedic Tamika Webber talks about what the gym means to her; how she manages to find the time and energy to train for competition despite working 14 hour shifts and dealing with a lifelong hormonal disorder known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Built For War
Featuring Justin Firgaira
Natural pro bodybuilder Justin Firgaira shares his thoughts on his training mentality, motivation, why he chooses to stay natural; and gives his advice on the best simple strategies for bodybuilding progress and setting realistic expectations for muscle gains.